Gulle’s Revenge

Finnish Game Jam 2015 was the third Global Game Jam event for us. The first time (2013) we used C++ to create a game called Supra Tank, which surely has more comedy value than playable content. Last year (2014) we used GameMaker Studio to make Spacu Gamu.

This year we decided to go back to programming instead of making game developing too easy with development tools like Unity or GameMaker Studio. We used JavaScript, PHP and MySQL to create two separate games which combine into one multiplayer game that can be played with limitless amount of players.

Game was implemented using HTML5 canvas and ImpactJS library. Player’s goal is to escape from stranded ship by killing monsters and solving simple puzzles. Game supports local co-op for 1-4 players. Game was primarily developed for controllers but keyboard controls are  available for maximum of 2 players as a option. People who are spectating this game can participate by spawning additional monsters into the game. Spawning can be done through simple web page so it’s easy for anyone to pick-up some kind of device and start bugging the people playing the game.

Main game (played with 1-4 controllers from the same computer):

Gamemaster page (web page where anyone can spawn enemies to main game):

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