Perl IRC Bot Scripts for Irssi

All of these scripts are made by me for all of my dear IRC bots in IRCnet. I had no experience of Perl before I started coding these scripts so some of them are, quite frankly, really shitty.

However, they have worked the way I’ve planned them to work and I’ve been satisfied with that.

Taxi script

Taxi script is created for managing carpools with friends. You can list yourself as either a driver or passenger. You can define departure time and destination.

Letsroll script

Letsroll script is basically just random generator for integers between 0 and 100. Users can define the topic and roll themselves numbers.

Vote script

Vote script is a tool for voting for (pro) or against (con) something. Users can define the topic and whether they are pro or con. Counts votes and informs about the current situation.

InviteOpDemand script

InviteOpDemand script allows you to configure secret query messages that tell your bot to invite you to channel and give you operator status. This is useful if your channel is invite only because it allows you to join the channel after dropping even if all other human users are AFK or they have dropped too. Note: bot has to have operator status to be able to send invites.

Highlight script

You can define highlight messages to send to your channel. For example if you type !fifa your bot could print message “yournick wants to play FIFA: nicklist of your choice of people in your channel”. Doesn’t have any feature that fetches channel users automatically and highlights them, I might add that in the future.

Titler script

If someone posts Youtube or Imgur url in the channel, bot fetches its title and tells it.

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